About Me

Hello there, I'm Thomas, a senior graphic designer and art director based in the Pacific Northwest. I've been in the design industry for over ten years taking on challenges such as crafting brand identities and logos, packaging and displays of various shapes and dimensions, development of harmonious visual languages for product lines, and devising layouts for instructions, booklets, and other informational formats. Additionally, over the years I have designed and developed over twenty typefaces including some published on MyFonts.

Recently, I've worked in board games leading graphic design and art direction for licensed and unlicensed mass-market tabletop games sold at major retailers, such as Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble. In my four plus years in the industry I helped bring new brands into the hobby such as Funkoverse, Star Wars Rivals, and Marvel Battleworld to name a few.

When I'm not in front of the computer you can find me hiking one of the many trails in the area, taking in a baseball game, or out on an adventure exploring new places.

If you would like to connect or work together feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Published Work

Indiana Jones Throw Me the Idol! Game

Parks and Recreation Party Game

Seinfeld: The Party Game About Nothing

Ted Lasso Party Game

Aggretsuko 100

Alice in Wonderland 100

Back to the Future 100

Darkwing Duck 100

DC Comics 100

DC Comics 100 (French)

DC Comics 100 (German)

DC Comics 100 (Spanish)

DC Comics 101

DC Comics 101 (French)

DC Comics 101 (German)

DC Comics 101 (Spanish)

DC Comics 102

Game of Thrones 100

Golden Girls 100

Golden Girls 101

Harry Potter 100

Harry Potter 100 (French)

Harry Potter 100 (German)

Harry Potter 100 (Spanish)

Harry Potter 101

Harry Potter 101 (French)

Harry Potter 101 (German)

Harry Potter 101 (Spanish)

Harry Potter 102

Jaws 100

Jurassic Park 100

Jurassic Park 100 (Spanish)

Jurassic Park 101

Jurassic Park 101 (Spanish)

Kool-Aid Man 100

Marvel 100

Marvel 101

The Nightmare Before Christmas 100

The Nightmare Before Christmas 101

Peter Pan 100

Rick and Morty 100

Space Jam 100

Squid Game 100

Squid Game 101

Universal Monsters 100

HIT (2024)

Kuhhandel: Festival

Chronicles of Light: Disney Edition

Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite

Star Wars Villainous: Revenge at Last

Bitty Pop! Chase Game

Junior Labyrinth: Gabby's Dollhouse

Five Nights at Freddy's Fightline

Premier Pack

Character Pack

Series 1 Dark Side Character Booster

Series 1 Light Side Character Booster

Series 1 Premier Set

Series 1 Battle Ball

Series 1 Battle Ball (Chase Edition)

Series 1 Mega Pack

Series 1 Thanos Ship Showdown

Series 1 Travel Portal

Series 2 Battle Ball

Series 2 Collector's Tower

Series 2 Mega Pack

Series 2 Premium Pieces Pack

Series 2 Storage Case

Series 2 Talon Fight

Series 2 Travel Portal

Series 3 Battle Ball

Series 3 Mega Pack

Series 4 Battle Ball

Series 4 Mega Pack

Disney Kingdomania

Series 1 Super Game Pack

Series 1 Game Ball

Something Wild!


Aladdin (International Edition)

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid (International Edition)

Mickey and Friends

Mickey and Friends (International Edition)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas (International Edition)

Toy Story

Toy Story (International Edition)


Villains (International Edition)