Prospero Hall


Funko Games

The lovely people at Prospero Hall and myself were tasked with bringing ESPN Trivia Night to life. Everything from creating and gathering trivia questions, developing the aesthetic, layout of cards, components, and even a custom font to achieve a cohesive look.

There has been a fracture in the Funkoverse and now your characters from multiple properties are going head-to-head to battle for control and dominion of the Funkoverse (cue evil laughter). In this miniatures battle game system you will assemble a team, then use your characters' abilities to gain points, defeat your rivals and be victorious!

This game contains many elements and the team worked hard in creating this system that brings it all together. One that looks great and is flexible to show each IP’s personality which is brought to life through a unique gradient, character art, and witty abilities that feel like the characters we all love.


Below you will see a video Funko put together documenting the game, and how it went from an idea to eventually on the shelf. You’ll see how it takes a small army to put a game like this together and now you will get the see the faces behind it all.