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Funkoverse is a turn-based miniature skirmish game where players move their characters around the board to complete various objectives, such as capturing points or knocking out rival characters. Each character has unique flavorful abilities and actions that they can take during their turn.

The game is designed to be easy to learn, but it also has a lot of strategic depth that allows for replay-ability and mastery. Players must manage their ability tokens and make tactical decisions to outmaneuver their rivals to gain points and be victorious!

To date, there are over 26 Funkoverse sets for a wide range of intellectual properties including Marvel, Harry Potter, Golden Girls, and even the Kool-Aid Man. The challenge in designing the game was creating a system that was flexible enough to show each IP’s unique personality and also be expandable as new components and game mechanics are added to the game system. Funkoverse contains many types of cards and components and I worked hard in setting up a design system from the beginning to allow for that expansion. 


Funkoverse Packaging

Range of Intellectual Properties 

Watch or scroll through the carousel to get a glimpse of just a few of the Intellectual properties we worked with on Funkoverse. Part of the beauty of the system created for the game was that any property could feel at home.  

Funkoverse Custom Font

While working on the game, I was asked to create a unique font for Funkoverse. This can be seen for most titles and headlines throughout the game such as the character names and abilities.

Funkoverse Harry Potter Voldemort Character Card
Funkoverse Universal Monsters The Bride Status Cards
Funkoverse Character Cards
Funkoverse Nightmare Before Christmas

The Making of Funkoverse

Below you will see a video Funko put together documenting the game, and how it went from an idea to eventually on the shelf. You’ll see how it takes a small army to put a game like this together and now you will get the see the faces behind it all.