Espn Trivia Night


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Funko Games

In ESPN Trivia Night. face off against your friends and family in this high-octane sports trivia game! Draft sports categories you know you can dominate, or risk playing outside your comfort zone to net the big score. If you dropped the ball on your last answer, recover points in the active Instant Replay challenges.

Miss a question? It's time for redemption by shooting a three pointer, getting one past the goalie, or kicking a 30 yard field goal in token-based dexterity challenges right on the tabletop! Successful shots will mean points for your team, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game is the winner!


ESPN Trivia Night
ESPN Trivia Night basketball show
ESPN Trivia Night field goal shot
ESPN Trivia Night draft cards and shot
ESPN Trivia Night basketball shot into box